JFA Subscriptions: Updating Mailing Addresses

Hi, IAFA members.

Now that JFA 28.3 is off to the printer, we’ll soon be preparing the mailing list for JFA Volume 29 (2018). If you joined or renewed your membership in the association between the end of the 2017 conference and the 2018 conference, you are subscribed to JFA Volume 29. (If you joined after this year’s conference, in April 2018 or later, your subscription will begin with JFA Volume 30).

We want to make sure your copy of the journal makes it to you and doesn’t get sent back to our office, so we’d really appreciate it if you’d take a moment to make certain that your information is correct in your member profile on the website. Please visit the membership page on IAFA.org, and log in using your user name and password. Once you’ve logged in, you can View your profile, and on the profile page, click on Edit profile to update your information, if necessary.

Please check that your postal address is correct.

While you’re checking out your profile, please also consider updating your areas of interest. You can list subgenres, theoretical approaches, or specific works and authors. Sometimes we need to add to our pool of peer reviewers for articles submitted to JFA, and the information you list in Interests can help us find a good match.

Thanks so much,