JFA 34.2

Focused Issue

Cover image of Volume 34 Issue Number 2 of the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts

JFA 34.2 – Table of Contents
Guest Editors Haerin Shin and Sang-Keun Yoo

Newtrospection: Reverse-Engineering Modernity in South Korean Speculative Fiction


Newtrospection: Reverse-Engineering Modernity in South Korean Speculative Fiction                                                           

       Sang-Keun Yoo

A Radical Future: Gender and Science Fiction in Contemporary Korean Literature                                                                           

       Ji-Eun Lee

Two Can Play This Squid Game: The Japanese Entanglements of South Korean Speculative Fiction                                            

       Se Young Kim

Becoming a Ghost: Newtrospective Representation of Historical Violence Through Virtual Reality Media in Gina Kim’s Bloodless                                                                                          

       Sang-Keun Yoo

Life Reset: Resisting Gamified Life in South Korean Speculative Webtoons                                                                                       

       Sang Eun Eunice Lee

Design Fiction

Excerpts from an Anti-Standardized “수능”: A Design-Fictional Approach to Korea                                                                          

       Seo-Young Chu

“Genre Narratives Are Powerful Tools to Illustrate the Beauty of an Unfamiliar World”: Haerin Shin’s Interview with SF novelist Bo-Young Kim                                                                  

       Translated by Sang-Keun Yoo

“Those Left on Earth Are Equally Significant”: Sang-Keun Yoo’s Interview with Space Sweepers Director Sung-hee Jo             

       Translated by Sang-Keun Yoo

“This Inexplicable Complexity That Underscores Our Humanity”: Sang-Keun Yoo’s Interview With The School Nurse Files Director Kyoung-mi Lee                                                                

       Translated by Sang-Keun Yoo


Cli-Fi, Noir, and The Nonhuman Subject in Netflix’s The Silent Sea (2021)                                                                                        

       Rev. by Katrina Younes