The IAFA Distinguished Scholarship Award

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts

The IAFA Distinguished Scholarship Award is an annual career award, presented annually since 1986, recognizing distinguished contributions to the scholarship and criticism of the fantastic.

Mark Bould 2019
Fred Botting 2018
Edward James 2017
Cristina Bacchilega 2016
Colin Milburn 2015
Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr. 2014
Constance Penley 2013
Jeffrey J. Cohen 2012
Andrea Hairston 2011
Takayuki Tatsumi 2010
Maria Nikolajeva 2009
Roger Luckhurst 2008
Jane Donawerth 2007
M. Thomas Inge 2006
Damien Broderick 2005
Marcial Souto 2004
S. T. Joshi 2003
Roderick McGillis 2002
Brooks Landon 2001
Nina Auerbach 2000
John Clute 1999
Gary K. Wolfe 1998
N. Katherine Hayles 1997
T. A. Shippey 1996
Peter Hunt 1995
James Flannery 1994
Sir Devendra P. Varma 1993
Jack Zipes 1992
Brian Attebery 1991
H. Bruce Franklin 1990
C. N. Manlove 1989
Kathryn Hume 1988
Brian Stableford 1987
Brian W. Aldiss 1986
Aldiss DS award

Brian W. Aldiss accepting the first IAFA Distinguished Scholarship Award, 1986, photo by Robert A. Collins, courtesy of FAU Special Collections, Robert A. Collins Collection