How to Propose Programming

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts

Proposals are limited to one paper and one panel per attendant


General Steps:

  1. Send in a paper proposal by going to (see below for more specific helpful information).
  2. Renew your Membership or become a new member of IAFA:
  3. Register to attend the ICFA. (See below).
  4. Book accommodation with the conference hotel. (See below.) Read the ICFA-37 Hotel Information and look at some pictures of the hotel and vicinity. Note that the hotel operates a complimentary airport shuttle service from Orlando Airport. Should you prefer taxi, the estimated fee (one way) is USD 10.
    If you are new to the conference, you might want to check out affiliated organizations.


Membership or registration questions can be directed to IAFA Membership & Registration Coordinator through the Contact Page.



  • Some financial assistance, granted on a competitive basis, may be available to those presenting papers. If you are not receiving funding from your institution and could use some assistance, and if you would like your proposal to be considered, please self-identify on the submissions page.
  • There is *no* Wi-Fi available in the rooms where sessions/panel/roundtables are held.
  • Projectors are equipped for VGA hookups and any converters are the responsibility of the presenter. Mac users must bring their own connectors for the projectors.
  • The ICFA accepts ‘No Wednesday scheduling’ requests. Requests not to be scheduled on any other days will be honored only for reasons of religious observance. Please contact your division head in this case.
  • Paper sessions can be proposed individually, and the Division Head will seek to group them with similar papers, or a pre-organized paper session (of three papers) may be proposed as a group.
  • If the latter option is chosen, each person must still submit an individual abstract via the portal, and send a follow-up email to the relevant Division Head indicating the intention to group the papers into a single session. Information about Division Heads can be found here. Please note if papers are proposed as a pre-formed panel, acceptance of one does not guarantee acceptance of them all. The pre-formed will be maintained, if possible, but Division Heads reserve the right to change paper sessions as may be required by other conference vetting standards.
  • For more information regarding the kinds of proposals IAFA considers and the criterion for proposal acceptance please click here.


For paper proposals, collect the following materials 

An abstract of 300 to 500 words, which must include the methodological/theoretical approach. Please note that, if accepted, abstracts may be posted on-line without editing. Authors are responsible for proofreading. PDF is preferred. Word is accepted.

  • A bibliography containing both primary and secondary parts. Maximum number of references is 20. PDF is preferred. Word is accepted.
  • A brief CV/Résumé or professional bio specifying fields of publication, expertise, and interests. This is mandatory. It will be used for organizing sessions, not to evaluate submissions. 2 pages maximum. PDF is preferred. Word is accepted.


Then go to the submissions portal and follow the instructions there (


For a list of divisions, descriptions of what topics are handled by each division, and for contact information to contact the appropriate Division Head with questions go to


How to Propose an Academic Panel

Each division has the opportunity to organize panels. Your panel proposal should be submitted to the division you feel most appropriate. (For a list of divisions, the topics they cover, and the names and contact information for Division Heads, see Panel proposals not specifically related to a particular division may be submitted directly to the 1st Vice President. (For a list of Board members and their contact information, see


Panels generally consist of 4 panelists maximum and one moderator. They are organized around a topic of discussion, and generally (although not necessarily) address the conference theme. Panels often include both scholar and author participants. Each panelist gives brief introductory remarks (3 minutes, no more than 5 minutes) on the topic under consideration, which are followed by a question and answer period in which a moderated discussion between panelists and audience takes place.


If you are proposing a panel, you will need to provide the following as specified on the submissions page:

  • a 200 word statement of the purpose of the panel and the kinds of questions it will address,
  • the panel name
  • the names of the moderator and all panelists
  • their professional affiliations
  • a brief CV/Resume or professional biography for each participant including their areas of scholarly expertise and interest (2 pp. maximum).

How to Propose a Roundtable Reading

 Each Division has the opportunity to organize a roundtable discussion of a reading in theory or criticism relevant to the conference theme. The reading is chosen by the Division Head, but IAFA members are invited to make suggestions to their Division Heads regarding appropriate readings. It is the responsibility of the Division Head to ensure that permission is obtained from the copyright holder to make the selected reading available to IAFA members on the website. This permission should be obtained by January 15, 2018. The Division Head is also responsible for providing the 1st Vice President with an electronic version of the reading by this date. Roundtable readings will be posted on the conference website on a password-protected page prior to the conference. The password can be obtained from your Division Head or from the 1st Vice President. At the conference attendees can participate in a moderated discussion of the reading. If you are proposing a theory roundtable reading, you will need to provide a 200 word statement explaining how the reading is related to the conference theme and why it is of crucial importance, at the current moment, to scholarly/creative dialogue on the topic. Submit to the appropriate Division Head (for a list of divisions, the topics they cover, and the names and contact information for Division Heads, see or the 1st VP. (For a list of Board members and their contact information, see


How to Propose Other Kinds of Programming

As well as academic panel, paper, and roundtable reading sessions, ICFA includes other kinds of academic and creative programming.

  • If you are interested in participating on the author readings track, please submit via the submissions portal. There are a limited number of reading slots, and the 2nd Vice President will review all submissions and make decisions regarding readings. For information about the selection criteria and other kinds of creative programming please click here.
  • If you have suggestions for short, non‐Western or experimental films to be screened at ICFA, contact the 1st Vice President. It is the responsibility of the person providing the film to ensure that copyright permission is obtained to screen the film.
  • If you have other suggestions for creative programming at the conference, such as general discussion panels, please submit them via the submission portal.