International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts

The memories below were written to celebrate the 30th annual ICFA.

The book includes the following additional essays:

  • The Donaldson Family (Stephen R. and his children, Ross and Perry): “ICFA: Generations”
  • Roger Schlobin: “My Alternate Reality”
  • Robin Anne Reid: “There and Around and Through and Forward Again”
  • Eden Lee Lackner: “We Bagginses”
  • Joe Sutliff Sanders: “Shocking Confessions of the Cheery and Bald”
  • Christy Hicks: “An Embarrassment of Riches”
  • Don Riggs: “Neither Hermit nor Fool”
  • Karen Burnham: “Writing across the Curriculum”
  • Elizabeth Miller: “Up For the Count”
  • David G. Hartwell: “Florida in the Spring, with Splashes of Ideas and Music”
  • Brian Attebery: “A Fair Field Full of Folk”
  • Brian W. Aldiss: “Hatteras and Hibiscus: IAFA History, a Personal View”
  • Bill Senior: “We Were Outlaws Once, and Young”
  • Gary K. Wolfe: “What I Did on Spring Break”
  • Stacie L. Hanes: “Impressed by Our Leadership”
  • John Clute: “Inside the Magic Mountain”
  • Judy Collins McCormick: “Lucid, Inescapable Rhythms”