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The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts

Welcome to the M&R Gateway!


If you need to update your membership, please proceed directly, without glancing much from side to side, to

If you need to update your registration, please proceed, allowing no distraction, to


Please read the instructions before you begin.
It’s as easy as one-two-three: membership, conference, and hotel.


Current IAFA membership is required for conference presenters.  Join the association or renew your membership before attempting to register for the conference. However, you can join the association even if you don’t attend the conference. Association members receive a subscription to the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts (JFA).


Have a credit card or bank account information handy to complete the process.  We take payments through PayPal. However, you do not have to have a PayPal account to use the system.


First: Renew or create your IAFA Membership.
If you are presenting, you must be a member.

To join or to renew your membership in the association, visit the membership page:

IAFA Membership, Concessionary Subscriptions, and ICFA Prices Here

Note: The ICFA does not share your personal or membership information with anyone unless you ask us to except that we share address information of members who have added subscriptions through their membership with the association to the appropriate journals. 


Second: Register for the Conference 

Each ICFA attendee must register and pay separately–even those who hold “joint” IAFA memberships. (We have never had joint registrations for the ICFA.)

Key dates:

  • Early registration: through January 13th.
  • Normal registration: January 14th-January 30th.  (Normal and early reg are the same for students)
  • Late registration: January 30th-February 21st.
  • After February 21st, the on-line system will be closed temporarily so that the conference committee can commit to the hotel for space and meal requirements.
  • The system will open again for on-site registration on March 14th.
  • AMEX is accepted for payments through this site using PayPal. However, AMEX is *not* accepted for payments on-site using the “swiper”.


Note: The ICFA will not issue refunds for conference registration and associated fees after February 1st. Exceptions can be appealed to the Board.

Note: The ICFA does not share your registration information with anyone unless you ask us to. 


Third:  Reserve a Room in the Marriott

Third, after you have registered for the conference, reserve a room at the conference hotel: